Wednesday, March 31, 2010


  • An upgrading competencies and character building course specially design for everybody. This program will embedded the practical self-defence tactic with an effective combat technique. A ‘KICKSTART Streetwise Approach’ is introduced because it is deemed relevant with the current situation, easy to master and suitable to anyone age up to 70 years old.

  • KICKSTART is an approach to a Personal Safety and Self-Defence application. Knowledge acquired worth nothing if one do not know how to apply.  It is a combination of a many Personal Safety Tactics, Tips and Combat Martial Art Techniques.  Overall, it emphasized on the learning by experience methodology because it will developed better understanding and create a greater confidence level.

  • The art of facing dangerous situation and to stay alive mainly depend on the mental strength (80%) rather than physical abilities (20%). The top-most priority will be the skill to manage fear and panic attacked. Keeping a healthy lifestyle (avoiding drug, alcohol, sufficient sleeping hours) and continuous physical exercises ensure a good muscle memory and effective reflexes.

  • The main objective of this training course is to provide the officers with the life saving skill, enhance fear management capabilities, and understand the limitation of an act/react, fostering effective teams and a paradigm shift of attitude to become a better person in life.

  • The firm that advises the community to help manage violence; survival rules to protect you and your family from crime. Whether it is learned the easy way or hard way, the truth remains that your safety is yours.
  • Self-defence is not the same as fighting, fighting is a mutual combat. There are only two rules of self-defence.
          1) AVOIDANCE 

          2) SURVIVAL 

  • Self-defence involves repelling an assault or protecting another individual, winning the fight is a means to an end, not a goal in itself, your goal is to escape the situation without being hurt, not to batter someone; create a window of opportunity so you can escape. 


• To emphasise the importance of personal and general safety

• To make aware to participants, the ability to defend and save themselves and those around them

• To show participants the awareness of always being alert physically and mentally, especially in critical situations

• Guiding individuals through discipline, in shaping good life principles and positive personalities.

Nothing can be enough when it comes to safety. This program requires immediate attention because crime is very much on the rise and it is a prevalent aspect of our society today. Every day now, there are articles in the newspapers on violence and crime that happen locally. Safety has become an important issue now, more than ever.

You are the first option of help, when encountering dangerous situations. Therefore, taking the steps to be prepared mentally and physically through learning self-defence is crucial. It has become a part of the basic human resource need in any employer’s workforce.

Our goal is to help you to prepare to recognise and avoid hostile situations by getting away from danger and seeking help. However, if the situation is unavoidable, the tools learnt from this program may help you protect yourself from physical harm, if executed by reason. While there are no guarantees in safety when faced with a potentially hostile situation, why not take the best first step at defending yourself with KICKSTART STREETWISE SELF-DEFENCE™.